What was "Event Yeah The Boys Inc."

Event Yeah The Boys Incorporated was an annual event to celebrate blokes while rasing money, awareness of and access to Men's Mental Health issues and services in the Clarence Valley, NSW.

What did they do?

    Event Yeah the Boys Inc. (EYTB) was a charity whose purpose is to advance awareness of and access to mental health services for Men in the Clarence Valley, NSW by providing an annual event in Grafton, NSW to counteract the high local suicide rates of males. EYTB brings together services, raises awareness of the issues around the mental health of men and raises funds for organisations providing services to them.

    In their tender they raised over AU$13,000 for providers of mental health services for men.
    If you still wish to donate to Men's Mental Health Services, EYTB Inc. encourages you to donate to: MATES in Construction NSW Ltd or Parents Beyond Breakup Ltd